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Náš Grunt
Weird Honey

McCANN Prague - Activation Campaign

Hamburger honey might have a nice ring to it, but chances are you wouldn't buy a jar of honey that was made from beef. In an ingenious campaign to illustrate the hidden sugars found in processed foods -- not to mention showing how badass worker bees are -- Nas Grunt, a health food chain in the Czech Republic, made honey from unexpected foods. Apparently, bees can make honey from anything containing 15% of sugar. Since hamburgers and salad dressing contain 18% sugar, ketchup contains 23% sugar, barbecue sauce is 38% sugar and breakfast cereals are 61% sugar, Nas Grunt put the bees to work and in a week's time had some interesting samples to give away. Spoiler alert: no one wanted honey made from beef, salad dressing or instant soup. 

grunt plech.png
grunt kecup.png
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